What should I wear to my personal branding shoot?

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‘What should I wear to my personal branding shoot?’ is the question I get asked the most, by far! And my short answer to this question is… something that makes you feel GOOD! 

I do however have some extra top-tips for outfit planning for your personal branding shoot to leave you fluster-free and feeling confident for your shoot day…

Plan an outfit

There’s nothing worse than rooting around in your wardrobe at the last minute and thinking ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’ Proper planning of your outfit(s) for your shoot in advance will set you up for a great experience on the day. 

Take some time in the weeks before your shoot to create a mood board of outfits (you can share this with me too if you’d like), and/or try on clothes. If your existing wardrobe isn’t doing it for you, shop, thrift or borrow any new pieces to try on in plenty of time before your shoot. Make sure your chosen outfit(s) fit you well and feel comfortable. 

Don’t forget to remove the tags from any new garments, iron, and de-fluff your clothes and get them ready the night before your personal branding shoot. Then you’re all set to go on the day!

What colours should I wear to my personal branding shoot?

Think about which colour palette works well with your existing (or upcoming) branding, what colours suit you, and what you are trying to communicate to your customers… 

Is your brand message natural, relaxed and calm? Soft, neutral tones will work best for you… Running a vibrant, fun brand? Bring on that pink suit! 

I advise avoiding too much black as this can make you fade into a background, or too much white as this can be reflective (especially on a sunny day). Bear in mind that shiny fabrics, stripes, logos and small patterns can also distort on camera. 

However, rules are made to be broken and if there’s an outfit you really love, I’d rather you bring it along than discount it for the above reasons!

How to choose an outfit for a personal branding shoot that shows your personality (and what you do…)

It’s a personal branding photo shoot after all, so it’s all about showcasing YOUR personality and letting it shine! Gone are the days where you must wear a suit and tie or high heels to show your professionalism (if that’s your thing though – go for it!)  

Instead, choose clothes that you really love and that make you feel like your best self. Have fun with it and choose something that makes you catch yourself in the mirror and think ‘Hey, that looks like me, and I look good!’ I’m a firm believer that leopard print is a neutral and I love it when my clients wear something that really pops in their images!

If you have booked my signature personal branding shoot, you might also want to consider a secondary ‘working’ outfit… This could be sports clothing if you’re a personal trainer or your paint-stained overalls if you’re an artist… Showing the behind the scenes of your business is an important element to engaging your customers in your story.

Seasonal shoots

It’s always advisable to dress practically for the season to avoid getting too hot or too cold on your shoot (blue and shivering is never a good look!) Make sure to wear suitable footwear too, as you may need to walk from location to location. You can always swap in your best platforms for the photos!

  • In winter, dress warmly in layers and bring a coat and gloves you can throw on when we’re moving locations. You can then remove your layers to get a different look to your images as we move through the shoot. 
  • In summer, don’t forget to bring an extra cardigan or jacket to create different looks to your images so they are suitable for sharing all year round. 
  • Wear a neutral top under your outfit, so you won’t be flashing anything if you need to do a quick change on the go!

A great way of refreshing your images with the changing seasons is to sign up to my personal branding subscription service. This way you don’t need to worry about planning your outfits in advance and your images will always be relevant for any time of year.

What accessories should I bring to my personal branding shoot?

We all know that we have to wear lots of hats running our own businesses… so it’s time to dig out that beanie, fedora, and fez for your personal branding shoot! I’m joking of course, but it’s a great idea to plan accessories for your personal branding shoot as they can do so much for increasing the variety of images we can get. 

Some ideas for accessories for a personal branding shoot…

  • Silk scarf for summer or a chunky knit for winter. 
  • Sunglasses (my favourites are my heart shaped ones!)
  • Statement necklace and/or earrings.
  • Colourful tie and/or pocket square.
  • Blazer/suit jacket/cardigan/faux fur coat for adding an extra layer.
  • Hairclips or hairbands (channel your inner Blair Waldorf!)
  • And of course, a hat of your choice.

I hope this guide to what to wear on a personal branding shoot has helped you. If you have any more questions, I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

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