The best props to bring to your personal branding shoot

Picture this: you’re booked in for your shoot and you’re raring to go! But what personal branding props do you need to bring to your shoot?

As I’ve discussed on my blog before, proper planning really does set you up for success. Well-thought-out personal branding images will communicate your personality, values and professional expertise to the world. After choosing the right outfit (check out What should I wear to my personal branding shoot?), using the right props is the most powerful tool to enhance your photoshoot.

Incorporating props into your shoot not only adds variety and interest to your images, it can take your personal brand identity to the next level by showing more about yourself and what you do. Plus, a well placed prop can give your hands something to do!

In this blog post, I’ll talk you through some of my go-to personal branding props that can help tell your story and elevate your branding photography.

Personal branding shoot props

  1. Simple personal branding props:
    • Laptop, phone or tablet: Almost all of us use our laptop and phone to run our business on a daily basis, so it’s a quick win to include these items in your branding photos. You might work exclusively online or run a design business from your laptop. Or perhaps these props show how your clients will communicate with you, particularly if you use video calling to connect with your clients.
    • Notebook and Pen: Some more organisational essentials for nearly every business owner! Your favourite notebook and pen can convey a little slice of your personality and illustrate your organisational skills. For creatives, a sketchbook will communicate that you are always jotting down fresh ideas.
    • Mug or cup: Perfect for creating a cosy feeling and a more informal look to some of your branding shots. After all, who doesn’t like a brew?

    2. Tools of the trade:

    This one depends on what you do… Don’t forget to bring along any items that you use regularly or props that represent what you do. For example, a pair of headphones if you are a sound engineer. Art therapist Ros brought along crafting materials she uses with her clients. This will give her prospective enquiries an insight into what working with her might be like.

    Personal branding shoot props

    If you do something with your hands, you could book your personal branding shoot at your workshop and I can take action shots of you making a product. Or if you have a business premises that clients can visit, it’s a great idea to use it as the location for your brand photographs.

    A woman looks down, focusing on an unfinished violin body that she is holding

    3. Personal items:

    • Favourite things: Bring along items that reflect your personality, such as a notebook with your favourite quote or wear a piece of jewellery that you love. You can also decorate your space just how you like it ready for your shoot. Let your uniqueness shine; personal items help customers to see the real person behind the brand and connect with you!
    • Hobbies and personal life: If your hobbies align with your brand, showcase them by posing with an instrument you play or your favourite book.
    • Pets: Not a prop I know, but inviting your furry friend along to your branding shoot can be great fun! Involving your pet shows your fun, softer side and a personal aspect to your life outside of work. We are a nation of animal lovers and a mutual appreciation of animals could connect you to your ideal client.

    4. Branded uniforms and promo materials:

    • Branded clothing: If you have a uniform with your logo on, you should wear it in at some of your personal brand images. This adds a professional touch and reinforces brand recognition. And if applicable, make sure your team all have clean matching uniforms ready for the shoot.
    • Promotional materials and signage: Business cards, brochures, or any other promotional materials that represent your brand are great for pictures. Got a new snazzy sign outside your place? You can pose with it for sure!

    5. In the background:

    • Plants or flowers: A bit of greenery does wonders for adding colour and giving life to a backdrop for your personal branding photos.

    4. Seasonal props:

    Perhaps you need promotional photos for sharing at certain times of the year? Seasonal props and decorations can make all the difference if you want to communicate the feeling of a particular season. We can have Christmas in July!

    Personal branding photography is an investment in your business and it’s important to choose the right props to create the correct tone. By strategically incorporating props that align with your brand and personality, we can create an impactful visual narrative that resonates with your audience. Remember that authenticity is key, so bring props that genuinely reflect who you are and what you stand for.

    Whatever personal branding props you choose to bring to your shoot, don’t forget to capture behind-the-scenes footage during your photoshoot to share on social media!

    If you would like more ideas for your personal branding shoot, please do drop me a line. You can browse the options and prices for my personal branding photography here. And you can follow me on Instagram @cassandralanebranding.

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