Personal Branding Photography in Cheshire

I thought it would be a great idea to share some personal branding photography in Cheshire on here so that you can see a full project. Marie from Lilith Your Life was a brilliant person to work with and had a very strong vision for her brand. On the day of the shoot, it was just a case of bringing those ideas to life and having fun with it!

Marie is transformative life coach and sex coach in training, focusing on empowering women. Through the work of Lilith Your Life, Marie helps her clients reclaim their sexual selves and feminine power by connecting and aligning their lives with their true needs and desires.

Planning Marie’s personal branding shoot

Marie came to me through the That’s Her Business Brimful of Branding package, which includes branding and logo design, web design, copywriting and personal branding photography. All of our Brimful of Branding clients work through a branding strategy workbook to pinpoint their brand’s core values, ideal client and tone of voice.

Going through this process helped Marie refine her ideas for Lilith Your Life. In turn, I had a very clear idea of what Marie wanted from her images going into her personal branding shoot. My brief was to capture confident, engaging, open and feminine images of Marie, with had a little sprinkling of cheeky fun too, in keeping with Marie’s sparkling personality!

personal branding shoot

Pink personal branding shoot

The Lilith Your Life branding colours are pinks and purples, so I wanted to choose a location with a colour palette to reflect this. The location also needed to be a little bit cosy to give Marie’s clients the feeling that they can confide in Marie. I hit upon a real gem in Boujee Chester, which had the most fitting pink colour scheme and a range of different backdrops to give variety to Marie’s personal branding photos. We ordered cocktails for Marie to use as props and even those were pink too!

I was mindful that too much pink and alcohol in Marie’s images could tip the balance from professional to hen-do vibes if we weren’t careful in our choices! We avoided this by balancing the pink tones of the location with the green of Marie’s outfit, which worked perfectly. We also introduced props such as a laptop, notebook and cups of tea to give a ‘day at the office’ feel to some of the shots.

Pink personal branding shoot

Personal brand shoot Chester

We used the Roman Gardens in Chester near to Boujee as a secondary location for Marie’s personal branding shoot. Marie changed into a more casual red dress and leather jacket and we shot her headshots against brick walls and leafy greenery. The change of location and outfit gave a completely different feel to Marie’s images. These ones are more informal and natural, showing a relaxed off-duty side to Marie’s personality. Since these photographs look like they were shot on another day entirely, Marie has a whole bank of images to use for different occasions and purposes from one two-hour shoot with me.

Personal brand shoot Chester

Here’s what Marie had to say about her branding…

“When I first googled “female web designers for female entrepreneurs” a few months ago, I was amazed to land on That’s Her Business website – welcoming, inviting and looking exactly like what I was after. Working with Gemma, Amy, Cassandra and Ellie has been a total joy and a seamless process: they really are a true collective, supporting women’s businesses with a positive and can-do attitude. I would highly recommend using them. I’m definitely planning on staying in touch and look forward to further collaboration.”

Marie, Lilith Your Life

Personal Branding Photography in Cheshire

For personal branding photography in Cheshire and all around the UK, please browse my website to see how we can work together. You might also want to look at my personal branding photography subscription service for regular updates to your headshots. To book a personal brand shoot with me, please fill out my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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