How to have a personal branding shoot at home

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Many of my clients such as life coaches, designers and fellow photographers spend most of their working hours at home. According to the Office for National Statistics, 44% of overall workers are working from home or are hybrid workers, mixing it up between office and home. Home working is even more popular for freelancers of course, with self-employed people twice as likely to work from home compared to other employees.

Since us self-employed people can connect with clients all over the world from the comfort of our sofa, it seems the natural choice to have a personal branding shoot at home. After all, if you work from home day to day, you want your clients and followers to picture you in your own natural habitat. Remember that getting a glimpse into your life and personality builds trust and confidence and helps you to connect with your ideal clients.

personal branding shoot at home

Tips for at home personal branding shoots

If you’re opting to have your personal branding shoot at home, here are some top tips for getting organised….

  • Scout out your home like you would any another location, looking at the space with your personal branding photos in mind. Have you got several different areas of your home that could work for your content shoot? For example… your desk area for working, a sofa area for informal pictures and a kitchen area where I could snap you making a brew? Are those areas well-lit and spacious enough to take pictures in? Do these areas fit aesthetically with your brand image?
  • Take some pictures to send to me so I can see your ideas too. I’d be happy to give my honest opinion on whether the location will work for your personal branding photographs.  
  • Before the shoot day, take the opportunity to tidy away clutter and clean the areas you have chosen for your shoot (don’t worry about the rest of the house!) Pay attention to the backgrounds and clear these also. Remember it will slow us down on the day if we’re having to move clutter from place to place, so it’s a good excuse to have a clear out!
  • Style your home to add colour and texture to your final content images. Gather your house plants from other rooms or have an excuse to buy yourself flowers! You can also gather props relevant to what you do to use in your personal brand images, such as your laptop, phone or tools of the trade.
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Personal branding shoot location ideas

If you’re reading this thinking, that’s all well and good BUT my home isn’t photogenic… I get it! The good news is you don’t necessarily have to be in your own home to make your personal branding photographs look homely. Your customers and followers will still connect with the impression of home comforts implied by the location of your images. It’s not cheating, it’s showbiz!

Some alternatives to having a personal brand shoot at home are…

  • Borrow a friend’s house. Somewhere nicely decorated with big windows giving lots of natural light is ideal.
  • Book a hotel room, apartment or house on AirBnB for the day. You will be able to browse through the photos and send me links so I can check out the location in advance. Bonus… you get a night away!
  • Check out day passes for shared office space areas (there are some funky ones in Manchester I can recommend)
  • Coffee shops can give a cosy ‘homely’ feel to your images, ideal for a pit stop on a shoot outdoors.

Planning a content shoot at home

Remember that proper planning for your shoot produces the best results for your final content shoot images. You may also want to check out my guide to planning your personal branding shoot to be a complete pro planner!

To read more about the types of personal branding services I offer, please check out my services page. To enquire about my availability for your shoot, please fill out my contact form. I would love to hear from you soon!

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